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How to Avoid Stress During Roof Replacement

As you Google “residential and commercial roofing contractors near me”, it’s important to also consider how to prepare for a roof replacement. Preparing yourself for this huge project can help you avoid a load of stress. Here’s how to do it:


Keep a Project Notebook

Your clippings, notes and sketches should be ready whenever you need them. Keep them in a notebook that you’ll use only for this roof replacement project, and maybe for your new roof’s maintenance. The receipts, quotes from contractors, and other pertinent paperwork should find their way into your notebook, as well.


Learn More About Your Insurance

How much should you expect to receive from your insurance provider? Is your insurer even covering the roof replacement? How much should you expect to pay out of pocket? The more you know about your insurance policy, the more prepared you will be. 


Look for a Contractor Early

It’s not a good idea to start hunting for residential or commercial roofing contractors when your roof is already about to fall apart. Look for your contractors early. Ask for quotes from at least three different contractors so you can compare them. Call those contractors and visit them, if necessary. Take note: they should not just text you a quote, especially if they haven’t even seen your roof. The best ones give the quotation in person or at least through email (as an attachment) or fax.


Prepare an Emergency or Contingency Fund

Sometimes, unexpected costs crop up when you’re already replacing the roof. To prevent delays, it’s good to have a contingency fund. Find out how much you’re supposed to spend on the roof replacement, then compute how much 20% of that amount is. The additional 20% of that amount is your contingency or emergency fund. If you don’t have to use the money, at least you’ve got it in your bank account for other expenses in the future, such as your roofing maintenance.


Prepare for Temporary Situations

Get ready to set up a makeshift kitchen and dining area. Figure out where to wash the dishes and even where to take your showers and do your business in the bathroom. In some cases, the homeowners have to book a hotel or stay with friends or family temporarily. Talk to your contractor about what you should do, but if you have to leave your home in the meantime, make sure to be there at least a few hours every day, especially when materials arrive and you have to sign for them.


With enough preparation before your roof replacement project, you can avoid lots of stress commonly associated with such activities. Get in touch with Elevated Roofing LLC, one of the most trusted residential and commercial roofing companies in the area. Call us at (205) 537-9754 or use this form. Let’s talk about your project today.

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How to Avoid Stress During Roof Replacement

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