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3 Questions to Ask During a Residential Roof Inspection

Scheduling a professional roof inspection helps determine the overall condition of your system, allowing you to deal with any possible issues immediately. But this also gives you the opportunity to learn more about your roofing system and the checkup itself. Elevated Roofing LLC, one of the area’s premier residential roofing contractors, shares what essential questions to ask during a professional roof inspection.


  1. Which areas of the roof will be checked? A reliable roofing company will examine every inch of the system, but they’ll pay special attention to its most crucial areas. These include the flashing, which covers the more leak-prone spots of the roof, including the area around chimneys, dormers, skylights, valleys and vent pipes. They’ll also inspect the condition of your roof shingles and gutters, along with the attic ventilation.


  1. How many times should you actually schedule a roof inspection? Most experts will recommend you have your roof checked at least twice a year, but especially after a major weather event. The fact is that storms will accelerate wear and tear in your roofing, shortening its life and negatively affecting its performance. Following a storm, make sure to turn to Elevated Roofing LLC. We’ll assess the storm damage to your roof and should we find it, perform the high-quality storm damage restoration services you expect.


  1. Is the roof properly ventilated? You’ll want to make sure your roofer takes a closer look at the attic ventilation. When the space is not properly ventilated, heat and moisture will build up and bake the shingles overhead, causing premature aging. The excessive humidity can also encourage mold growth and rot in the attic, weakening the structure. You can have this dealt with by making sure the vents aren’t blocked, or by adding more ventilation into the space.


  1. Will the roof need replacement? That will depend on the results of the inspection. If your existing roof is already old and failing, with a significant amount of damage that repair or maintenance work won’t be able to solve anymore, then it’s likely.


Just search for “trusted residential roofing contractors near me” and Elevated Roofing LLC will be top of the results. You can always count on us for quality and comprehensive roof inspection and maintenance services. We serve the areas in and around Springville and Birmingham, AL. Call us today at (205) 537-9754 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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3 Questions to Ask During a Residential Roof Inspection

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