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How Hot Weather Can Damage Your Commercial Roof

How Hot Weather Can Damage Your Commercial Roof

Thanks to their low slope, commercial roofs are more leak-prone than sloped residential roofs. Since commercial roofs have a flat surface, water tends to pond on roof membranes, increasing the risk of leaks.  Aside from ponding water, what are the other factors that can damage a commercial roof? Hot weather is one concern. Prolonged exposure to heat and ultraviolet rays can shorten the lifespan of a commercial roofing system.  Elevated Roofing LLC, one of your most trusted commercial roofing companies, elaborates on how hot weather can damage commercial roofs below: 

Thermal Movement

Certain roofing materials expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall. Over time, repeated contractions and expansions can cause fatigued roofing membranes to fracture, creating gaps that can allow water to infiltrate your commercial roof. 

Important note: your commercial roof’s vulnerability to thermal shock partly depends on its age. New roofing membranes are still elastic and should be able to withstand repeated contractions and expansions while older, more brittle roofing membranes tend to be more prone to suffering fractures as a result of repeated contractions and expansions. Remember: the older your commercial roof, the higher its vulnerability to thermal shock. 

Dislodged Flashing

Your roof’s flashing (the thin pieces of metal covering roof joints or the areas where roofing panels meet) is considered to be the weak point of a conventional roofing system. Over time, your roof’s flashing may loosen and eventually get dislodged. However, the risk of flashing being dislodged is summer in higher when moisture build-up and high temperatures increase the risk of mold growth in flashing. That’s why it’s important to have one of your local commercial roofing contractors remove blockages in the drainage system to prevent moisture build-up and conduct routine inspections. 

How Often Should Your Commercial Roof Be Inspected?

As a general rule, a roofing system should be inspected at least twice a year. Don’t forget to vet a prospective roofer before hiring them to make sure they don’t miss any signs of damage. 

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How Hot Weather Can Damage Your Commercial Roof

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