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Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Good For Your Roof

Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Good for Your Roof

Adequate attic ventilation, along with routine maintenance, is essential to keeping your roof in good condition. How does attic ventilation protect your roof? 


Elevated Roofing LLC, one of the area’s most trusted local commercial roofing companies, explains below: 

Mold Growth 

Without adequate attic ventilation, humid air is trapped in your roof and attic, creating a damp environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold eats away at wood and other organic materials, weakening your roof’s structure. Not to mention mold spores—which can cause allergy flare-ups and aggravate respiratory conditions—pose a health risk.


How Much Ventilation Does Your Roof or Attic Need? 

As a rule, there should be a square foot of net free area (NFA)—the area through which air can pass through—every 300 square feet of floor area for attics with a vapor barrier. Keep in mind that ventilation can be too much of a good thing. The amount of space dedicated to air intake must be the same as the space for air exhaust. Otherwise, the airflow in your attic might be disrupted. Remember: More ventilation isn’t necessarily better. 


Choosing the Right Air Vents 

Not all air vents can provide the same level of ventilation. Here’s an overview of the different types: 


  • Box vents – Box vents are installed near the top of the roof. Since they don’t provide a lot of ventilation, you’ll need to install several of them. 
  • Ridge vents – Ridge vents are often found on shingle roofing systems. In terms of venting capacity, they’re a better choice than ridge vents. They’re also a smart choice if you want to keep your exterior’s design consistent. Since ridge vents run along the roof peak, they won’t draw attention to themselves. 
  • Turbine vents – Turbine vents rely on wind to draw out humid air from your attic. 


To learn more about your options, consult one of your local commercial roofing contractors


Important note: Don’t forget to vet your roofer to make sure they’re qualified for the job. 


Looking for commercial roofing contractors near me? Elevated Roofing LLC, a family-owned company with over a decade of experience, offers a wide range of professional roofing services. To schedule a free roof inspection, call us at (205) 537-9754 or fill out this form

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Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Good for Your Roof

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