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Warning Signs There May Be a Leak in Your Roof

Are you a first-time homeowner? A property manager for multiple rentals? Or a business owner worried about your flat roof? No matter your one common element that remains the same: everyone needs to know the signs of potential roof leaks.

When it comes to roofs, many people wait until they have an obvious problem before fixing it because of the cost associated with repairs. However, being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to roofing will help detect issues early on and help you nip any potential leaks in the bud! If not addressed early on, roof leak problems can quickly cause damage to a residential or, worse, render it unlivable if left entirely unattended. Luckily Elevated Roofing LLC is here to help.

We’re the premier roofing company in Hoover, AL, and we specialize in detecting and patching up potential roof leaks before they become a significant issues. This blog will explore the tell-tale signs that your roof has a leak and might need repairs, maintenance or replacement.

roof leaks hoover al

Well-installed flashing can keep your roof dry around the chimney!

Mold and Mildew

Moisture damage and mold usually go hand in hand. That’s because excess moisture creates a damp environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold. Common warning signs of mold include dark-colored spots on your ceiling or walls, a musty smell in your home and allergy flare-ups (mold spores can aggravate respiratory conditions). If you notice the signs above, it’s highly recommended that you schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. Mold eats away at wood and can quickly affect other parts of your home if the mold-damaged components aren’t removed immediately.

Increased Pest Activity

If your roof leaks, pests can become a much worse issue. Leaking roofs can attract insects, rodents and other critters into your home. If you notice increased pest activity around the roof area, it’s worth scheduling a roof inspection to detect any potential leaks or holes. You’ll also want to work with a pest control company to remove any existing pests and take steps to prevent them from returning.

Pooled Water

Areas of your roof that have pooled water indicate a more significant underlying issue. Not only should you address this right away before the problem gets worse (or even potentially spreads to other parts of your home), but it’s always wise to get an experienced professional for inspections and repairs. If the pooled water is in your home already, it’s not too late! Elevated Roofing can help remove the water, patch the leak and prevent further damage.

Damp Wall and Ceiling Spots

Damp spots signify water from a leak has managed to make its way to your interior. You can find them on your walls, ceilings and other house areas. In some cases, these damp spots can also be attributed to condensation (especially in humid climates). It’s essential to get a roof inspection immediately if you notice any damp spots on the interior of your home or if water is visibly coming in from the roof. Worried you’re not finding anything? Elevated Roofing can use thermal imaging to find hidden leaks in the roof!

roof damage hoover al

Damaged shingles make any roof susceptible to leaks.

Damaged or Cracked Shingles

It’s easy to identify cracked shingles from ground level, but shingle bruises (small, dark spots that form when the granules embedded in asphalt shingles are dislodged or hit by hailstones) are trickier to spot. As a general rule for Alabama residents, you should have one of your local roofing contractors inspect your exterior after a severe storm such as a hail storm or rainstorm. This will help detect potential damage to your roof before it becomes a more significant issue.

Damaged or Missing Flashing

You probably hear the word roof flashing quite a bit; the flashing is the metal that seals the roof against water where two planes of a roof meet or around any vent pipe. If it’s damaged or missing, you’ve got a potential leak on your hands! If you notice any bent, broken or missing flashing, you must immediately contact a professional about repairs. It’s always wise to get flashing professionally inspected and fixed before it causes further problems down the line.

Is Your Roof Getting Long In The Tooth?

What if there are no signs of leaks? It would still be a good idea to schedule a roof inspection, especially if it’s an older property. The warning signs aren’t always noticeable. Not to mention it takes time before sure signs of storm damage emerge. And by the time they do emerge, it’s already too late to mitigate damage. That’s why it’s best to schedule a roof inspection as soon as the weather clears up.

If you’re unsure whether you have a roof leak in Hoover, AL, call Elevated Roofing LLC today. Our experienced and reliable professional roofers can detect potential issues before they become significant problems. We provide a wide range of roofing services, including roof repair, roof maintenance and even complete roof replacement if needed. So don’t wait any longer. Contact us today or call us at (205) 537-9754 and get your roof back in tip-top shape!

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Warning Signs There May Be a Leak in Your Roof

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