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How Acrylic Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof

How Acrylic Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof

Having the right materials for your residential roof repair is important, so you’ll need to consider your local environment to know what to choose. For instance, if you want the right amount of protection from ultraviolet rays, then you’ll need the right roof coating for your home. And while there are many that are available on the market, not all can surpass the quality that you’d get from a proper elastomeric acrylic coating. 


What Are Acrylic Roof Coatings?

Acrylic technology in the mid-1950’s had developed to the point where its polymers could be infused with a waterborne emulsion, which resulted in the creation of acrylic latex waterborne roof coatings. By the 1990’s, waterborne acrylic coatings had become one of the most durable and widely used materials for both residential and commercial construction.


It’s important to note that an elastomeric acrylic roof coating may look like paint and even has the same viscosity (which means it can be brushable or sprayable), but it’s a very different material based on a different class of acrylic chemistry. They’re used for many applications, but it’s important to get the right one for your roof. This is where you’ll need to work with trusted residential roofing companies wherein they’ll do the job for you.


How Acrylic Coatings Protect Against UV Radiation 

UV rays come from radiation that falls between the visible light range and the x-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum. While most of the UV rays from the sun are absorbed in the Earth’s atmosphere, around 33% still reaches the surface. The rays create various reactions, such as producing a glow on certain road signages or a tan in human skin, but it can also damage certain materials (such as those used in roofs) that aren’t resistant to it.


With the appropriate type of acrylic roof coating, you’ll get a level of durability that can resist the UV rays from degrading your materials. Since acrylic polymers are transparent to ultraviolet radiation, they don’t absorb the radiation and instead reflect it back into the atmosphere. This is part or the reason why they’re typically available in white, as it helps reduce the temperature of the roof membrane it’s applied to along with decreasing its deterioration and extending its lifespan.


As a trusted professional in residential and commercial roofing repair services, our team at Elevated Roofing LLC will get the job done with speed and efficiency. To get started, contact us at (205) 537-9754 or by filling out our convenient online contact form.

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How Acrylic Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof

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