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A Quick Guide to Hail Damage on Residential Roofing Systems

As a homeowner, you must know how hailstorms can wreak havoc on your residential property, particularly your roofing system. The effects of hail can differ according to a wide range of factors, including hail size, wind speed and direction, type and age of the roofing material, and the roof’s slope or pitch.

Elevated Roofing LLC, one of the leading residential and commercial roofing companies in the area, shares a quick guide to hail damage on residential roofs.

Roof Damage Based on Hail Size

Regardless of size, hailstones can cause significant damage to your roof. It depends on several variables like the roof’s overall condition and the speed at which the hailstones hit the roof’s surface.

Hailstones that range between the size of a dime and a quarter may not inflict extensive damage, but they can wear your roof down and expedite its deterioration. If you have an older roof, the chances of tearing asphalt shingles or breaking clay tiles or slate increase significantly. You need the expertise of residential and commercial roofing contractors if you find bigger hailstones on the ground, especially those that are larger than a quarter.

Types of Roofing Hail Damage

Hail damage on roofing systems is often cosmetic, but it can be more severe than it looks. A thorough inspection carried out by professional roofers can help identify more serious functional damage from any of the following:

  • Granule Loss – The granules embedded on asphalt shingles protect against UV damage and other elements. The impact of hailstones can dislodge these granules off the roof’s surface, exposing the shingles’ substrate. Check the gutters and downspouts where these specks of black matter may collect.
  • Cracks – The strong impact of hailstones falling from the sky can be enough to cause cracks on shingles. If not fixed immediately, water may seep through, worsening the roof’s condition.
  • Punctures – Metal roofing systems are more resilient when it comes to hail damage. However, bigger hailstones can leave dents or punctures on the roof’s surface.

When searching for “residential and commercial roofing contractors near me,” keep Elevated Roofing LLC top-of-mind. We specialize in storm damage assessment, and our highly experienced team of roofers can diagnose hidden damage and plan an effective repair solution. Our factory certifications with the top manufacturers mean we have access to premium roofing products. With these, combined with our top-notch repair techniques, you can rest assured of your roof’s immediate restoration.

Call (205) 537-9754 or fill out our contact form to request a free roof inspection today.

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A Quick Guide to Hail Damage on Residential Roofing Systems

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