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4 Common Causes Of Sagging Roofs

4 Common Causes of Sagging Roofs

A sagging roof line indicates structural problems. Fortunately, most of its causes are known and preventable. In today’s post, the residential roofing contractors at Elevated Roofing LLC share the most common causes of sagging roofs.

1. Moisture Damage — Keeping moisture away from the roof support structure is one of the main reasons why roofs are equipped with different layers of waterproofing material. Once moisture finds its way into the roof, it can weaken the roof’s support structures. Enough moisture on wood can compromise its structural integrity, which results in a bowing roof line. Addressing leaks in a timely manner and making sure the attic has proper ventilation can go a long way in preventing moisture damage to the roof.

2. Roof Weight — The roofing structure needs to be strong enough to support the roof’s weight. This may be negligible if you’re replacing the roof with the same or a lighter material—asphalt shingle to metal, for example—but it is an important factor when you’re switching to something heavy like tile. Your roofing contractor may need to bolster the existing support structure or even build a new one to prevent problems like sagging roof lines.

3. Inferior Materials — Unscrupulous installers may substitute inferior materials like untreated lumber to cut down installation costs. While the problems caused by such materials may not become apparent for the first few months or so, the combination of the roof’s weight and outdoor conditions will quickly take its toll. Apart from the problems that lead to sagging roofs, you’re more likely to call for storm damage restoration services soon if your roof is built using low-quality materials.

4. Old Age — Sometimes a roof is just too old to hold itself up. A standard residential roofing structure usually lasts for up to 60 years, or about two asphalt shingle roof installations, with proper care and maintenance. Once the roof is past its expected life span, there’s bound to be signs of aging, including a sagging roof line. Keeping up with the roof’s maintenance requirements doesn’t guarantee roof preservation, but it can certainly help down deterioration.

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4 Common Causes of Sagging Roofs

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