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3 Benefits of Working with a HAAG Certified Contractor

Your home deserves a roof that can keep it safe and damage-free from the elements. That’s why, when the actual roofing system has developed issues, it pays to turn to a trusted local roofer immediately. That would be Elevated Roofing, one of the area’s premier residential and commercial roofing companies. We’re not just licensed, bonded and insured–we are also a HAAG certified contractor.

What is a HAAG-Certified Contractor?

Contractors with this distinction have earned it from HAAG Engineering, a forensic engineering firm that highlights more efficient and effective roof damage assessment and inspection. Its comprehensive courses on commercial and residential roofing are engineered for intermediate-level professionals. The HAAG certification carries considerable weight in the industry and Elevated Roofing is proud to have met the stringent training and testing developed by the firm.

Here’s how working with a HAAG-certified roofer benefits you:

1. Accurate Roof Damage Inspection. After a major weather event, make sure to turn to one of the trusted residential and commercial roofing contractors, Elevated Roofing, for a thorough checkup of your system. As a HAAG certified contractor, we have a comprehensive understanding of hail and wind damage in a wide variety of roofing types. We can provide you precise findings of your roof’s existing condition and suggest the appropriate solution to its issues.

2. Exceptional Roofing Solutions. Elevated Roofing knows every aspect of both steep-sloped and flat roofing systems. These include their manufacture, replacement, weathering, repair costs and correct maintenance. Should your roof suffer wind or hail damage, you can always count on us to deliver the best solution and restore your system to rights.

3. Credibility. As a HAAG-certified contractor, Elevated Roofing has learned extensive damage assessment techniques. This allows us to accurately evaluate any type of roofing system, while giving our report conclusions an additional level of credibility. In fact, HAAG certified contractors are recognized by all insurance companies, ensuring a smoother process in roof insurance claims.

Just look up “residential and commercial roofing contractors near me” and Elevated Roofing will be at the top of the searches. When you work with a HAAG-certified roofer like us for your roofing needs, we can ensure only the highest quality solutions. We serve the areas in and around Springville and Birmingham, AL. Call us today at (205) 537-9754 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation.

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3 Benefits of Working with a HAAG Certified Contractor

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