The Vulcan in Birmingham is a historic pub that has been a staple of the city’s social scene for over 150 years. Located in the heart of the city’s Jewellery Quarter, The Vulcan has been a popular spot for locals and visitors alike since it first opened its doors in 1854.

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The pub’s name is derived from the Roman god of fire, and it is fitting that The Vulcan has become a symbol of Birmingham’s industrial heritage. The pub’s exterior is adorned with a striking red and gold sign that features a blacksmith at work, hammering away at a piece of metal. This image is a nod to the city’s history as a hub of metalworking and manufacturing.

Inside, The Vulcan is a cozy and welcoming space that is filled with character and charm. The pub’s interior is decorated with a mix of vintage and modern elements, creating a unique and eclectic atmosphere. The walls are adorned with old photographs and memorabilia, including vintage beer bottles and old pub signs.

One of the most unique features of The Vulcan is its rooftop terrace, which offers stunning views of the city skyline. The terrace is a popular spot for locals to gather and enjoy a pint or two while taking in the sights and sounds of the city below.

The pub is also known for its excellent selection of beers and ales, with a rotating selection of local and international brews on tap. The staff at The Vulcan are knowledgeable and passionate about beer, and are always happy to recommend a new brew to try.

In addition to its great beer selection, The Vulcan also offers a menu of classic pub fare. From fish and chips to burgers and sandwiches, the food at The Vulcan is hearty and satisfying. The pub also hosts regular events, including live music and quiz nights, making it a popular spot for locals to gather and socialize.

Overall, The Vulcan in Birmingham is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the city’s rich history and vibrant social scene. With its unique atmosphere, excellent beer selection, and delicious food, The Vulcan is a true gem of the city’s pub scene.

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