You can never go wrong with a quiet day in the outdoors interacting with the soft side of nature. The Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens provides a perfect way to spend your day. With a wide variety of activities, there is something for everyone in the family. The serene setting is ideal for a picnic lunch or an afternoon stroll. Next article.

The Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens were originally part of a plantation that was in operation from 1816 until 1865. The plantation was owned by the Arlington family and was one of the largest in the area. The home is a two-story Greek Revival mansion that was built in 1857. It is furnished with period furniture and has an extensive collection of Arlington family artifacts.

The gardens are situated on four acres and feature a variety of plantings, including azaleas, camellias, magnolias, and live oaks. There is also a pond, gazebo, and pergola. The gardens are open daily from dawn to dusk and feature a beautiful, reestablished garden room that accents any special event. Meanwhile the house is a beautiful 19th century museum, decorated with furniture, textiles, silver and paintings from that time period.

The Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens are located in historic downtown Arlington. They are open year round, but the home is only open for tours from March through November. The gardens are free to the public, but there is a charge for tours of the home. There is also an opportunity to hold social events like weddings, masquerades,  tea parties, and more at the Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens.

Overall, you’ll find a variety of educational programs throughout the year. These include tours of the home and gardens, as well as lectures, workshops, and classes on gardening. The Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens are a great way to spend a day, learn about history, and enjoy the outdoors.

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